Tire Pressure

Your tires have a very important role in car control, safety and comfort. To optimize your car's control, safety and comfort you should keep a close eye on your tire's air pressure. A lot of new cars have tire pressure sensors built in, but if they don't you should check this regularly.

Problems with tire over-inflation

Constant driving with over-inflated tires can be hazardous. Your car's recommended PSI can generally be found on the driver's door jam or the car's manual. Driving with over-inflated tires will make the tire stiff and rigid. This will decrease your ability to control your car and puts the tire more at risk for damage. An over-inflated tire can be more at risk for explosive flat due to the excessive air pressure.

Under-inflated tires decreases the life of your tire.

Driving with your tires under-inflated can cause numerous problems for a vehicle. Low tire pressure can reduce your tire's life by 25%.

Other issue with under-inflated tires are:

  • Reduction in fuel economy

  • Lack of control

  • Bumpy and uncomfortable ride

Proper tire pressure is important and should not be take lightly. If you continually need to add air pressure to your tire, you may have a leak. The Tire Guy is here to help you out with whatever vehicle maintenance you may need.