Radiator Service

At The Tire Guy, we are a fully licensed reputable company that provides a wide variety of automotive services to our customers. If you are looking for someone to repair or replace your vehicle's radiator, we are the right choice. We will provide you with high quality products and services that will meet your expectations.

Signs of a bad radiator.

  • Leaking coolant, can be a sign of a bad radiator.

  • If you vehicle is constantly overheating, your radiator might be going bad.

  • Low coolant

  • Sludge in the radiator. Your vehicle's fluid should be yellow, green or red. If your radiator fluid is different color, this could be a sign of your radiator needing to be replaced.

Three parts that commonly fail after the radiator goes bad.

  • Thermostat: The radiator has a thermostat that helps to regulate the amount of fluid used to balance the engine temperature. When the radiator stops working correctly, too much pressure is put on the thermostat, often causing it to stop working.

  • Water pump: The water pump uses an impeller to continuously move coolant through the hoses and passageways of the cooling system. Contaminants or tough debris breaking away from the radiator will cause damage.

  • Heater Core: When the radiator fails, causing the engine to overheat, excessive pressure and temperatures cause the connections on the heater core to break.

For reputable radiator repair.

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