Auto Care Service


The best way to prevent long-term and costly problems with your vehicle is to keep up with its preventative maintenance schedule. One major key is to be sure to read your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, its owner’s manual will contain a maintenance schedule.

Keep Your Car Running Great with Routine Maintenance

Keeping up on the routine maintenance of your vehicle can prolong its longevity and help prevent small issues from turning into bigger, more costly ones down the road. The maintenance schedule within your owner’s manual is provided by the people who understand your vehicle the best—the company that built it. The manufacturer provides suggestions for how often you need to change your oil, filters, driving belts, timing belts and more.

Below are some of the many auto repair services that we offer:

Air filter Replacement

Your vehicle's air filter is a key part of keeping your engine running smoothly. The air filter is responsible for cleaning the air that enters the engine compartment. The air filter stops outside debris from interfering with combustion process in the engine. When the air filter gets clogged with debris, it blocks the air from entering the engine compartment.

Battery Replacement

Did you know that a battery efficiency decreases when the outside temperature falls. The cranking power demands increase with colder temperatures. Approximately 50% of premature car battery failures is caused by the loss of water due to lack of maintenance, evaporation from high under hood heat, or overcharging. It is a good idea to have you battery checked periodically. 

Belts & Hoses

Your vehicle is equipped with several belts and hoses that make it run smoothly. If the timing belt, serpentine belt or coolant hoses breaks or stops working, you will need to have them repaired or replaced immediately and can be costly. That is why it's important to have preventative maintenance done.

Brake Service

Have confidence of knowing that when you press your foot to the brake, your car is coming to a stop. Inspecting your brakes twice a year for wear and damage can protect you and your passengers. Additionally, it will also help save you money by catching any damage before it becomes too costly.

Clutch Repair

The clutch is the hardest working component in a manual transmission vehicle. The clutch engages and disengages with every start, stop and gear change. Friction is created between the clutch disc, pressure plate and flywheel. This friction creates heat and wear on your clutch. The hotter the clutch disc gets the faster it wears out. If you feel as if your clutch could be starting to fail, let The Tire Guy take a look at it. 

Computer Diagnostic

Your vehicle's computer processor, sensors and microchips are all linked to the vehicle's computer. Using the diagnostic system you can detect problems long before they cause a breakdown or serious damage. This test can give the technician a complete picture of what needs to be fixed.

Engine Repair

Maximize the performance of your vehicle with our engine service or repairs. We work on all models and sizes of engines. You depend on your vehicle daily to get you where you need to go, our professional technicians have the knowledge and experience to keep your vehicle running in top order.

Roadside Service

Did you know that The Tire Guy offers roadside service? When you are in need along side the road, call The Tire Guy. We work with AAA and most insurance companies for your convenience.

Oil Change

Your vehicle relies on oil to keep it running smoothly. Every three months or 3,000 miles, your vehicle should have its oil changed. Even if you don't drive often, the engine oil could get contaminated as a result of accumulated moisture or contaminants getting into the oil. Proper oil maintenance can extend the the life of your vehicle.

Radiator Service

If you are looking for someone to repair or replace your vehicle's radiator, we are the right choice. We will provide you with high quality products and services that will meet your expectations.

Transmission Service

Just like your engine, you should have your transmission serviced regularly. A simple service can save you the money and time that come with a major transmission repair or replacement.


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